About us

There is a darkness that represents the unknown, deepest parts of the ocean floor. It is a territory unexplored and unconquered by man. One that simply seems to escape the grasp of human convention because of the unsurmountable conditions in the deep ocean floors. Yet, one company stands tall to overcome these circumstances – Black River.

Black River is a company that aims to develop technologically advanced submersible vehicles that have the capabilities for deep-sea exploration. The luminous, yet ominous, tuna-like vehicles will glide into the deepest realms of the blackness to uncover the many mysteries that remain untouched, unseen and unheard of. We have developed two submersible vehicles that have the potential to break beyond the barrier and find answers to unknown questions.

Each design aspect of our submersible vehicle has a purpose. From the tip of the nose to the tail, the Tuna-like BR 100 and BR 1000 magnificently blend into their surroundings, untraceable, undetectable, swift and precise. We are on the brink of completing the development of two revolutionary underwater vehicle that will help humankind div deeper into the darkness of the underwater world.

We are pioneering technology. Our engineers have designed both vehicles with an array of features that can help both vehicles complete many complicated deep water missions, ranging from simple ocean bed exploration to complex stealth, “behind-enemy-lines” scoping. The BR100 and BR1000 are the future of underwater exploration